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Indoor Baby Photography

Our most popular package captures all of your baby's biggest milestones. In door baby session is good for newborn, one month, 100 days, 6 months, and one year. I prefer babies under one year old shooting indoor. We have a lot beautiful and colorful backdrops, outfits and props for small babies. I prefer use nature light, it makes me more speedy shooting and good for babies' eyes. My studio has a large window and it is very bright. 

Cake Smash Photography

One-year-olds are the best for cake smash session.They're adorable, of course. They’re hilarious, and you never know what you’re going to get from them. I ask the parents about favorite toy, book or character. Then we plan a theme around it. Trust me, this makes it easier for the parents as well. Well known characters means known colors - which makes the smash cake design easier, and available accessories easier to find and purchase to add to the setup.I do suggest that parents get a professional cake. The results are much better. I know that the trend is to go large, but we don’t need a three-layer cake. A medium cake gets the same results at a reasonable price. No worries about clean up plan.  make sure to keep baby wipes, kitchen paper rolls, brush, dust pan and trash bags in my studio at all times.

Newborn Photography

Children & Outdoor Photography