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Raihan Ali
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To be known for something specific. How do you email list define your brand? If you heard about "The strongest coffee in the world" and you mainly drank coffee for the caffeine, wouldn't you choose death wish? Simple = memorable. A powerful message helps death wish stand out in people's heads. 2. Surly brewery surly brewery source: surly brewing company known for their 16oz beers that come in four backs, surly brewing co. Manages to stand out in an industry that prides itself on creativity. The craft beer market is flooded with great beers and great beer names (read: puns), but surly manages to stand out by looking different. When you're browsing the shelves of a grocery store, surly catches your eye. It comes in boxes, big boxes. It is available in four packs. His artistic style is radically different from the products he shares a shelf with. This is the email list genius of the surly brand, it stands out. Branding tips: stand out visually. The surly design is creative, bold and colorful. It stands out by avoiding overused themes (lacroix is ​​another good example). Look for something different. Most craft beers are sold bottled. By packaging its beer in cans, surly took the risk of being associated with inferior lagers in a crowded market, but the risk paid off. 3. Sausage circle sausage circlesource: flickr few small businesses are well enough known to have an extensive wikipedia article . The wieners circle is one of them. A classic email list chicago light fixture, wieners circle's unique mark is only partly due to its yellow panel. It's not uncommon to hear playful insults hurled from an employee at a customer - and it's part of the appeal that led to an appearance on this american life and other outlets. The wieners circle is an outstanding example of small business branding, not because of breathtaking creativity, but because of how personality can elevate a small business to staple status. Cultural. Branding tips: have a personality. I once saw a wieners circle customer asking to be insulted. A strong personality helps you stand out.
Raihan Ali

Raihan Ali

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